The Company Provides comprehensive services in the areas of:

 Solar boreholes drilling and installation

Solar Freezer

. It is an Ideal fridge or freezer to store vaccines and some sensitive drugs in areas where electricity is not assured especially in rural hospitals.

Solar and Inverter for Offfice, Farms and Homes

Complete solar system includes solar panel, charge controller, batteries and Inverter. Never worry about blackout again. Take control of your life. Standby generators only generate noise, pollution and also drain your pocket. No need for servicing, buying of fuel or constant repairs. Solar is safer, cheaper, more reliable and more convenient than generators.

Solar Street Light

Use it to illuminate your compound, street light, mosques and schools.

4. Solar Water Heaters for Homes, Restaurants, Hospitals, etc

The heater uses direct sunlight to boil water for your daily use. From your hot water requirement in the kitchen to toilet and general use, the water heater will provide it free of charge because it is direct from sunlight. No maintenance cost and is guaranteed to last at least 10 years.